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Questions to Ask Your Beating Heart Surgeon

Beating heart surgery can reduce the risk of death and complications compared with traditional (on-pump) bypass surgery, particularly in women and in patients who are considered high risk, like those who have high blood pressure or diabetes.

All women undergoing bypass surgery are candidates for beating heart surgery, regardless of otherwise good health. Overwhelming evidence shows women who have beating heart surgery have significantly better outcomes than those who undergo traditional bypass surgery, including reduced risk of death, stroke, heart attack and other complications.24,25,26

The surgeon locator can help you find a highly trained beating heart surgeon in your area.

Once you’ve identified a beating heart surgeon, you should ask him/her the following three questions to better understand the benefits and risks associated with this type of surgery for your particular condition:

  1. What are the benefits and risks of beating heart surgery over traditional bypass surgery for me?
  2. Are there factors in my medical history that may increase my risk for complications after surgery (for example: age, disease severity, diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, etc.)?
  3. What do the short-term and long-term data show for beating heart surgery vs. traditional bypass surgery in patients like me?

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